Cyber Monday 2018

Better deals on Cyber Monday than Black Friday 2018?

Are you confused and wondering whether you should wait for Cyber Monday or do all your shopping on Black Friday? Do not write off Cyber Monday! In fact, many people have found better deals on Cyber Monday than Black Friday. So what makes Cyber Monday shopping so special?

There has been reports that there is an increase in percentage in shopping during Cyber Monday with each passing year. Shoppers find it more convenient to shop on Cyber Monday. Shoppers Lines outside retailers would be less in comparison to Black Friday if shopping on Cyber Monday. There won’t be doorbuster crowds like Black Friday. As the name suggests, more sales is generated online and shoppers tend to find better deals online during Cyber Monday. Everyone is back to work and you can browse deals and shop online while working. Who doesn’t like multi tasking? Attending the calls and meetings and at the same time, have goods shipped to your house or opt for in-store pickup.

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