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Thanksgiving Activities and Word Search Games

Everyone loves thanksgiving and the holiday season. Thanksgiving Day is primarily a harvest festival and is an occasion where one says thanks for the harvest and express gratitude. Primarily thanksgiving was celebrated as a religious holiday nit recently it has secular tones. In USA and Canada the thanksgiving word search games are very popular.

Thanksgiving started in the mid 19th century with a hope that it would bridge the North and South divide. The Thanksgiving Menu was a combination of North and South recipes in view of calming the feelings of both the communities.

People of all ages like the thanksgiving word search games in USA and Canada.

Below are some of the Thanksgiving activities and games for kids

Thanksgiving Dinner: It is a fun arcade style food game for kids to learn about nutrition. Bounce a ball off the top of a flying cornucopia and collect only the healthy food that comes out.

Thanksgiving Coloring Book: Kids can color a turkey, a pumpkin, or even a basket of corn using their computer and creativity. This is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Thanksgiving History Quiz: Can your kids talk like the turkey?  Challenge the kids to take this online holiday quiz.

Thanksgiving Dominoes: Print out these holiday themed dominoes for kids to play with at the table. The kids will surely love this and have fun.

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